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I create a concept together with the customer and bring it into an online model with the help of RDD (Readme Driven Development).

This model can then be directly transferred to a website. Templates play a central role in this process. These templates describe the appearance and define the user interface (UI) of the website.

The CSS framework we use have an important task. On the one hand, they must be powerful enough to cope with the requirements of the devices in use today, on the other hand, the loading time is an important parameter.


Front End

In web-based application systems with separate user interfaces for regular users and system administration, the term front-end refers to the web pages accessible to the public, while the term back-end is used for the area accessible only to the restricted group of users.

For the development of the front end we generally use the described methods of concept development, readme-driven development and design.

Back End

The Back End was developed to meet the requirements for simple and secure software. I have named the back end the virtual data room.

Virtual Data Room

A virtual data room is a space for storing and managing data and documents.

The /vdr application from OpenConcept is a secure, access-protected web application for the management of data as it is generated by processes in information technology.

  • standalone
  • Can be seamlessly integrated into existing systems
  • as back end for content management and data management (CMS, CRM) | data management and automation

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