Session timeout in PHP

Convenience in relaxed environments: how and why

If your sessions are implemented with cookies (which they probably are), and if the clients are not malicious, you can set an upper bound on the session duration by tweaking certain parameters. If you are using PHP's default session handling with cookies, setting session.gc_maxlifetime along with session_set_cookie_params should work for you like this:

// server should keep session data for AT LEAST 1 hour
ini_set('session.gc_maxlifetime', 3600);

// each client should remember their session id for EXACTLY 1 hour

session_start(); // ready to go!

This works by configuring the server to keep session data around for at least one hour of inactivity and instructing your clients that they should "forget" their session id after the same time span. Both of these steps are required to achieve the expected result.

  • If you don't tell the clients to forget their session id after an hour (or if the clients are malicious and choose to ignore your instructions) they will keep using the same session id and its effective duration will be non-deterministic. That is because sessions whose lifetime has expired on the server side are not garbage-collected immediately but only whenever the session GC kicks in.

    GC is a potentially expensive process, so typically the probability is rather small or even zero (a website getting huge numbers of hits will probably forgo probabilistic GC entirely and schedule it to happen in the background every X minutes). In both cases (assuming non-cooperating clients) the lower bound for effective session lifetimes will be session.gc_maxlifetime, but the upper bound will be unpredictable.

  • If you don't set session.gc_maxlifetime to the same time span then the server might discard idle session data earlier than that; in this case, a client that still remembers their session id will present it but the server will find no data associated with that session, effectively behaving as if the session had just started.

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TITLE: Session timeout in PHP
DATE: 2017-11-16
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